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Hire Bodyguards In London, The UK Or Worldwide

UK Personal Protection Ltd offers personal protection (bodyguard) in   London, the UK Or Worldwide and organizes all the necessary support to individuals who need to hire a bodyguard, a highly professional security guard, whose task is to safeguard the life and health of a person who uses his services.
Your integrity – the task of our bodyguards!
Advantages of choosing UK Personal Protection Ltd:
  • Our bodyguards are trained in accordance with SIA Standards;
  • We provide the best security specialists with valuable skills: anti ambush, personal security, antihijack drills, first aid, etc;
  • Individual approach to each client and their requirements;
  • Consider all possibilities and wishes of the client;
  • Ensure confidentiality;
  • Guarantee of high quality security services. 
Bodyguard - a specialist qualification, whose main task is to ensure the safety of the protected person, that is why the desire to hire a private security guard, bodyguard, driver with such skills is absolutely justified.
UK Personal Protection Ltd is a top expert High-Standards Security Agency and Close Protection (Bodyguard), known as one of the most qualified Close Personal Protection companies in the London. Founded in 2011, its aim is to provide first-class bodyguard services to VIP's, CEO, CFO's, Diplomatic and Religious Leaders, A-list Celebrities, major
corporations and companies Worldwide and members of the International Media community at local, national, and international levels.
The purpose of personal bodyguards - not only effectively respond to illegal activities towards the client, but also, above all, to anticipate the possibility of such actions. Indeed, the main aim is to prevent any kind of violence. UK Personal Protection Ltd bodyguard is an experienced, trained, and considerate professional.
The protection of life - is a responsible professional task that requires maximum attention and can be performed by UK Personal Protection Ltd professionally trained
Bodyguard must possess a certain flair or intuition, which allows him to anticipate the actions of supposed enemy and prevent possible attacks on the client's life. That is why the selection of candidates for the position of bodyguard is performed carefully by UK Personal Protection Ltd. Our bodyguards are licensed by the SIA; they are drivers who have special training in extreme driving; they have good judgment, analytical mind; they are endowed with psychological and moral stability. bodyguards.  Perfectly adapted to different kind of situations and environment, he is like a shadow of the client, at the same time not attracting too much attention. Trained bodyguards constantly think through the scenarios of their own actions in the event of an emergency.
Before hiring a bodyguard, a potential user of this service should be certain of the life threaten circumstances or to be aware about the reduced level of security. But it is well known the fact
that the life and activity of businessmen, financiers, CEO are constantly surrounded by risks, including criminal ones.
Very often, the bodyguard has to adapt to the habits and attitudes of his client, to live in his rhythm and be on guard 24 hours a day.  This requires not only the use
of physical capacity of the employee, but also the use of high-tech equipment.
Today, the bodyguard cannot be a reliable defender only, but also a confidant and a great conversationalist.
How much does it cost to hire a bodyguard? 
We will answer with an approximate estimation to this question:  the cost of bodyguard service in the UK is from £50 - £150 or more / hour / bodyguards depending on the nature of job and role
Choosing the right security specialist is very important because the error in the choice can cost lives.  UK Personal Protection Ltd is ready to provide you with the best professional bodyguards’ personnel to all interested clients all over the world. of security. It will be necessary to clarify the location, the range of tasks that will enhance the security of the client, including the risks associated with the life and health.
How to hire a Bodyguard in the UK or Worldwide? 
If you need a Bodyguard in the UK or Worldwide, UK Personal Protection Ltd is pleased to offer you their services. It is enough to contact us at the numbers listed on our website: 0203 444 0530
Choosing UK Personal Protection Ltd, you can count on the fact that the personal bodyguard, who will protect you, has all special skills that will help to detect and prevent a life-threatening situation.
Professional bodyguard of our company allows us to guarantee a conscientious attitude of their duties. This quality is very important, because in this case we are not talking about money, but about human lives.
Bodyguard of our security agency is a guarantee of high quality of services rendered. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us anytime using the phone numbers listed on the website, and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.
UK Personal Protection Ltd is ready to protect you! 
If you have any questions or need any additional information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call for a discussion with one of our security specialists on: 0203 444 0530
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