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Close Protection

Today, close protection gains more and more popularity.  With the development of civilization and social changes of the social system in many countries around the world, this challenging profession has evolved and constantly updates to the highest security standards.
Close protection - involves guaranteed security, which is carried out in accordance with wishes and possibilities of the client.  Close protection specialists gather information about the environmental factors that have a negative impact on the client, analyze the travel routes, the area of residence and frequent visited places, make recommendations on how to deal with potential threats and take all the necessary measures to increase security.
UK Personal Protection offers cost effective close protection services that will suit any interested individual.  We are here to assist you at every step in choosing the best protection officers who can guarantee you complete professionalism, confidentiality and high standards skills.
What Is Specialist Security? 
Specialist Security is a high professional area of the security industry that has faced many changes in the recent years. We witness not only changes in the standards of training but also in our clients. Today this security service has become a must have of modern personal safety and business trading.
Therefore, a security company can be defined as Specialist only when it has a demonstrated track record of success providing great results to Executive Protection field. Ensuring business continuity and safety in trading are only some of the main tasks of Specialist Security Operators.  UK Personal Protection Ltd is a Specialist Security Company that concentrates in offering Specialist security services at the highest recognised standards.
What Does A Specialist Security Service Involve? 
Specialist Security is the ability to analyze the situation where a security presence is essential, to take the necessary decision and implement it in a professional manner.
Today Specialist Security personal characteristics combination allows us to characterize this specialist as a professional, these are: professional honour; desire to work actively; constant striving for self-improvement; attentiveness; communication skills and value; ability to make decisions; confidence;  the ability to be in the shadow of the protected person;  willingness to sacrifice.
These personal traits, professional skills and quality of delivered services that provide peace of mind and solutions can be offered only by professionals who are trained at the highest standards, posses the appropriate skills to work in different kinds of environments. UK Personal Protection Specialist Security is tailored to our Clients needs to ensure the highest levels of quality of service.
Why Should You Choose UK Personal Protection? 
In addition to all mentioned about our high quality service, we would like to add that we are holders of the prestigious of the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008. This can guarantee a quality service at the highest levels of standards all through our business activity.
We are proud to say that we were also one of the leading companies that were involved in the development of the new British Standard in Close Protection Services - BS 8507-1 in the UK and BS 8507-2 - outside of the UK.
If you have any questions or need any additional information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call for a discussion with one of our security specialists on: 0203 444 0530
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