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Armoured Vehicles

UK Personal Protection are now offering for hire, supply of armoured vehicles. We can source a range of armoured vehicle such as Land Rover,BMW,Audi and Jaguar. We can even get your existing vehicle armour proofed – any vehicle can be armour proofed.  Providing individuals and companies with an economical solution to today’s security threats. Using the latest in high-tech opaque and transparent armour we create armouring packages that give peace of mind. 
In order that you and your company may enjoy the ballistic protection and durability of the products we offer – we assure to the clients the following rights:
  • Armouring warranty according to the instructions of manual
  • Preventive maintenance and revisions
  • Technical Assistance
  • Usage and Maintenance guidelines in reference to the armoured equipments
  • Additional modifications and gadgets installed in your vehicle 
Asset and High Valued Goods Protection
In today’s society the need for high valued goods and assets requiring protection has been heightened, in large due to the height in sophisticated and organised crime. There are many items that may require protection of a high level, such as:
  • Currency
  • Antiques
  • Sensitive documents
  • Precious stones and metals
We can provide protection for assets and goods either at static locations or whilst the assets and good are being transported throughout the United Kingdom or Worldwide.
We understand that this service within the security industry is very sensitive, and therefore it is imperative that all operatives are highly trained and qualified, in many skills such as:
  • Anti-surveillanceCounter-surveillance
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Protection of people and assets
  • Reaction to attack
  • High profile
High profile assignments often attract unwanted attention often from the public and criminals. Our operatives are trained well in the use of counter-surveillance and anti-surveillance, and are prepared to deal with such scenarios.
Low profile
On a low profile assignment our operatives will operate as covertly as possible and act discreetly. This method may be applied in situation where confidential documents or a very high-valued asset is being transported.
Equipment and Vehicles
We operate with a variety of equipment, some of which includes:
  • 2 way radios
  • Security brief cases
  • Security seal boxes
  • Personal alarms and trace equipment
  • Armoured security transits and 4x4s
We will conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure all risks that are foreseeable are acted upon before assignments begin.
Please contact us for information about our armoured vehicle range – email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to www.ukpersonalprotection.com 
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