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Maritime Security

Private security companies are involved today to ensure safety at sea, or to be more precise, to protect commercial vessels, yachts, cruise ships and ports. To meet these security challenges, security firms offer a wide range of services.
These include the study of risk, vulnerability assessment and consultation of ship owners and port operators, investigation of insurance fraud and abuse in the delivery of goods and the protection of oil platforms against insurgents or terrorists to carry out attacks in politically unstable regions. In addition, most companies operating in the maritime security sector, offers a wide range of anti-piracy measures, ranging from risk assessment prior to the return of captured ships.  Yet most security companies seem to offer many or most of the basic maritime security services in the fight against piracy, as follows: 
  1. Risk assessment and consulting;
  2. Training of crews;
  3. Offering armed security on board of ships;
  4. The development of responses to a crisis, recovery and return of stolen boats and cargo, and rescue the kidnapped crew members;
  5. Protection of fishing craft and protection from poachers and fishermen pirates.
UK Personal Protections offers the service of trained maritime safety officers to all interested clients. For peace of mind you can hire our team of former Military Specialists who will help you to lead vessels through dangerous waters.Vigilant, reliable, and highly effective, all UK Personal Protection maritime consultants will provide 24-hour protection; will apply their sailing skills in any situation and will prove their detailed knowledge and understanding of rules of engagement when using arms and ammunition.UK Personal Protection provides:
  • Close protection security teams for the luxury yacht sector;
  • Maritime security teams for commercial shipping;
  • Support Masters set up their vessel in line with Best Management Practices issued by MSCHOA for high risk transits guaranteeing the safety of the vessel and the crew. 
Contact us for more details.
We guarantee full confidentiality to all our clients during and after the service.
If you have any questions or need any additional information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call for a discussion with one of our security specialists on: 0203 444 0530
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